Wayfinding consulting services to public and private facilities


About Wayfinding

wayfindingWayfinding means all of the following:

Knowing where you are,
Knowing your destination,
Following an effective route,
Recognizing your destination,
and, of course, Finding your way back.

When people cannot find their way we say they are disoriented. Since disorientation has negative consequences, both for users and the organizations that serve them, easy wayfinding benefits everyone.

There is no shortcut to achieving a successful wayfinding system.  But CGA can help your organization follow a logical, dependable path toward this goal as a result of wayfinding analysis, masterplanning, and implementation.

CGA provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to information-gathering, painstaking attention to detail, and the ability to understand the particular requirements of your organization, its facilities, corporate culture, and customers.

An effective wayfinding system helps your customers avoid problems such as being late for appointments or meetings, missing destinations altogether, experiencing physical stress, and dealing with psychological stress (worry, fear about being late, frustration, anger).

Reasons to improve your facility’s wayfinding system include:

  • Helping customers easily find their way around
  • Delivering outstanding customer experience
  • Making customers feel respected and valued
  • Improving customer satisfaction and related scores
  • Keeping up with peer institutions and offering state-of-the-art services
  • Optimizing staff satisfaction and productivity
  • Improving your organization’s reputation