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Carpman Grant Associates
I wanted to personally take this opportunity to thank you, Jan, for being a guest on our radio show. We found you to be a delightful guest and the interview was informative and humorous with suggestions for our listeners that really work! Your book, “Directional Sense: How to Find Your Way Around” is just outstanding and your dedication to the subject is exemplary. We would love to have you back on our show in the future!
Carpman Grant Associates
Jan Carpman is an expert on wayfinding with added good common sense and an uncanny way of making the intricate understandable. She appeared as a guest on Graceful Aging, an informational TV talk show airing on over 325 community access stations across the country, to share her insights. She is a delightful guest with thoughts to improve all of our lives.
Carpman Grant Associates
Jan Carpman offers sensible and thoughtful advice for the directionally challenged. Her book is a must-read for those needing help finding their way. Thanks, Jan, for pointing our audience in the right direction!
Carpman Grant Associates
I recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Jan Carpman as a guest on my radio show. She demonstrated a keen understanding of the difficulties directionally-challenged people have finding their way and described solutions in an easy-to-understand and simple-to-apply manner. She definitely knows her stuff and conveys it in a way sure to be useful and engaging to your listeners.
Carpman Grant Associates
Jan Carpman’s directional tips and stories about how people do (and don’t) find their way around were engaging and informative. She was fun and easy to interview and I highly recommend her as a great radio show guest.
Carpman Grant Associates
Jan Carpman has taken the subject of personal navigation and made it relatable and interesting. Her extensive knowledge of the topic, coupled with her easy, engaging manner make her a great guest. Plus she really helped us and our listeners with our own navigational challenges! We look forward to having her on the show again.
Carpman Grant Associates
If you are tired of getting lost, Jan Carpman has the answers, and she will offer your audience a unique, fascinating program on how everyone – the directionally challenged and the not-so-challenged – can find their way to and from anywhere. She’s a great guest whose warmth and knowledge will help those of you who are perpetually turned around navigate your way to a stress-free experience.

Radio & TV Appearances


Create More Good − May 7, 2015
Host: David Yarde    http://bit.ly/1IVnD5w

Health Media Now − January 7, 2015
Host: Denise Messenger

Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman − Nov. 24, 2014
Host: Judy Hoberman

Bringing Inspiration to Earth − Sept. 29, 2014
Host: Robert Sharpe

The World of Work, WDVRFM − April 11, 2014
Host: Shep Cohen

Life’s About Choices Radio − March 7, 2014
Host: Nancy Mueller

Life’s Issues with Lloyd Rosen − Jan. 10, 2014
Host: Lloyd Rosen

The Allan Handelman Show − Sept. 26, 2013
Host: Allan Handelman WJSJ 600 AM

Diva Strategies for Success Radio Show − Sept. 16, 2013
Host: Robbie Motter    http://bit.ly/1IdrdCl

Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva −Sept. 2, 2013
Hosts: Charlie Lobosco and Eva Lewandowski

Life Changing Insights Radio Show − Aug. 20, 2013
Host: Dr. Alan Simberg

The Talk Show −Aug. 20, 2013
Host: Bryan Allen CKNX-AM920 Radio

Total Mind Success − July 30, 2013
Host: Dan Kaus

Weekends with Terrie Q. Sayre − June 2, 2013
Host: Terrie Q. Sayre, 770 KKOB Radio, Albuquerque, NM

Something You Should Know Radio Show − May 29, 2013
Host: Mike Carruthers

The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show − March 11, 2013
Host: Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Live on 90.1 in Austin, TX and other national affiliates

Audio Dust Jacket Radio Show − Feb. 27, 2013
Host: Kevin Finn, Business Radio X

Reality Check with Craig Price − Feb. 26, 2013
Host: Craig Price, podcast  http://bit.ly/1JRVpac

Blissful Living − Feb. 1, 2013
Host: Rochele Lawson, Web Talk Radio, podcast   http://bit.ly/1eerkq7

Talk of the Town Radio (WATR-AM) − Jan. 8, 2013
Host: Larry Rifkin

Your Partner in Success Radio 
Host: Denise Griffits (BlogTalkRadio) − Dec. 14, 2012

Partyline ( WILO- AM) − Dec. 11, 2012
Host: Ken Hartman

The Double D’s in the Morning (KBMW- AM) − Dec. 10, 2012
Hosts: Bill Dablow & Jamie Dickerman

The Boomer & The Babe Show
Hosts: Pete Peters and Deborah Brown (BlogTalkRadio) − Dec. 7, 2012

John Tesh Network (streaming broadcast on Tesh.com) − Nov. 27, 2012
Host: Danielle Fornes

The Michael Dresser Show
Host: Michael Dresser (Digital Talk Radio) − Nov. 16, 2012


Graceful Aging
Host: Gregory Bator (Video, Community Access TV) − Jan. 17, 2012, video snippet http://player.vimeo.com/video/43251317