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Design that Cares

DTC3 book coverDesign that Cares:
Planning Health Facilities for Patients & Visitors

by Janet R. Carpman and Myron A. Grant
Published by Jossey-Bass, a Wiley brand
3rd edition 2016

Applied Research Award
Progressive Architecture

Best of Category Research Award
ID, The Magazine of International Design


During a time when cost containment and advanced technology are pressing issues in health care, the human needs of health care consumers often take a back seat. This book presents a humane approach to the design of health care facilities by balancing an extensive research base with a focus on design decision-making. It shows how to achieve design that not only cares for patients and visitors, but design that also cares about them.

Design that Cares begins with a look at the need for humanistic health facility design. It focuses on the patient’s and visitor’s journey through a generic facility, laying out the design and behavior issues that need to be considered, including planning for arrival and exterior wayfinding, interior wayfinding and the circulation system, waiting and reception areas, diagnostic and treatment areas, inpatient rooms and baths, gaining access to nature, design needs of the elderly and users with disabilities, user participation in facility design, and more.


Carpman Grant Associates
The most comprehensive blueprint yet drawn for tailoring the design of Health Care facilities . . . to the measure of the people they most intimately affect.
Carpman Grant Associates
A breakthrough in the health care field. I hope designers will use it as a guide and academics as a stepping stone to further research in the health care field.
Carpman Grant Associates
A substantial contribution to architectural theory in its questioning of traditional design methods.
Carpman Grant Associates
It should inspire designers and researchers alike . . . The authors offer us an example of design that is willing to take up the mess of being human, and make it better.