Solving Your Facility’s Wayfinding Problems

solvingCGA can help your organization solve problems like these:

Customers become lost in your facility, leading to poor customer experience
& low satisfaction.

  • You want to improve customer satisfaction (and related scores) and decrease complaints about wayfinding.
  • You want to include wayfinding ease as an integral part of service design.
  • You want to turn around your facility’s reputation for being hard to navigate.
  • You want to address the wayfinding needs of all your customers – including first-timers, seniors, children, non-English speakers, non-literate users, people with disabilities, directionally challenged people, and others.


CGA can help you improve customer experience and satisfaction by increasing the effectiveness of your facility’s wayfinding system for all users.

Your facility has particular wayfinding issues that need to be addressed.

  • You want to reduce the amount of time your staff spends directing and escorting lost customers.
  • You’ve been given the charge to “fix the wayfinding problems” at your facility.
  • You have a limited budget for wayfinding improvements and want to know how to make the best use of available funds.


CGA can help you identify and fix specific wayfinding problems, such as confusing circulation, unclear terminology, and cryptic or nonexistent maps.

Your facility’s signs and maps are outdated.

  • You want to update wayfinding signs containing incorrect information or missing key messages.
  • You need a new sign system for your facility and want to “get it right”.
  • You want to give your wayfinding signs a new or updated look.
  • You have a new corporate identity and need to re-design your institution’s signage accordingly.
  • You need new handout maps and/or You-Are-Here maps.


CGA can work closely with you to understand, plan, and design all the details involved in making sure signs and maps are up-to-date now and in the future.

Your customers want the latest wayfinding technology (apps, websites, kiosks),
but your facility doesn’t offer it.

  • You’re wondering whether or not wayfinding technology – like smart-phone and tablet apps, digital signage, and kiosks – can solve disorientation problems in your facility.
  • You want to oversee the development of wayfinding technology for your facilities.
  • You want to know how to effectively include wayfinding information on your organization’s website.


CGA can help you wade through the thicket of information about wayfinding technology and determine the types that make the most sense for your organization, facilities, and customers.

You want to plan new facilities that are easy to navigate,
but you’re not sure how to go about it.

  • You’re facing numerous decisions – site planning, space planning, architecture, interior design – that have wayfinding implications.
  • You need to make decisions quickly, in order to adhere to an aggressive construction schedule.
  • Your budget doesn’t allow for many “niceties.”


CGA can help you make good planning and design decisions that will result in facilities your customers and staff can navigate with ease. CGA can perform wayfinding design reviews and can work closely with the planning and design team to be sure wayfinding ease is a shared priority.