Wayfinding Services

Photo-for-wayfinding-servicesCGA provides a full range of wayfinding services, including:

Wayfinding Design Reviews
  • Wayfinding-related design reviews of site planning and landscape architecture, architecture and/or interior design for new construction or renovation.
  • Close collaboration with client representatives and the design team to make sure new construction and renovation projects are easy to navigate by all customers and staff.
Wayfinding Analysis
  • A quick look at your facility with immediate feedback about recommended next steps.
  • In-depth wayfinding analyses related to offsite, onsite, and interior design features, customer and staff experience, accessibility, technology.
  • Advising wise use of wayfinding technology.
  • Performing website wayfinding analysis.
  • Analyzing wayfinding needs of people with disabilities. 
Wayfinding Planning
  • Wayfinding Masterplanning
  • Sign location and message planning
  • Room numbering planning
  • Recommendations for wayfinding-related improvements to architecture, interior design, landmarks, lighting, and landscaping.
Wayfinding Design & Implementation
  • Sign design: Exterior, parking, & interior signs: directional signs, identification signs, directories, information signs. Sign design, bidding assistance, fabrication and installation oversight.
  • Map design: Planning and design of You-Are-Here maps, Emergency Egress maps, handheld maps, website maps, app maps, and other types of maps.
  • Wayfinding technology: Assistance with implementation of effective wayfinding technology, from apps to websites.
  • Wayfinding operational program development, including terminology updating, staff training, wayfinding system management, etc.).
  • Wayfinding system evaluation: Measuring the effectiveness of a new or recently updated wayfinding system.